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    The most important use of technology is to give a voice to those most unheard and in need.

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    Looking for local communities for yourself or loved ones? Leapcure's Patient Advocacy Community spans internationally to assist patients in getting in touch with communities and individual toward their best clinical options. Email us!

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    We work for our advocacy groups and support the conditions that are top of mind for our communities. As we take up new research projects, stay up to date on what studies we promote within our advocacy communities. Sign up!

  • Our Patient Advocacy Community Helps Put Patients First

    We've aligned with over 3,000 PAGs internationally and across hundreds of indications for the purpose of making research better for patients. We help connect PAGs to the resources they need to inform and support their communities. Submit your contact info to speak with us about how we can help your community and consider joining our Patient Advocacy Group Slack Channel to keep the momentum going.

  • The Patient Voice Can Shape Your Research

    Leapcure's technology helps researchers adopt a better approach to working with study patients



    Align site selection and recruitment plans on the best study design and endpoints for your patients


    Site Listening

    Adapt your site selection and site management strategies to deliver the best experience for your patients



    With the right approach for patients uncovered, work with Leapcure to scale and meet your study timelines


    Email research@leapcure.com to learn more!

  • About Us

    Our Story

    Not just one story, but many stories are the reason for Leapcure. After working across different areas of health technology for many years, it became apparent that our team could make a big difference by expanding the role of the patient voice in clinical research. We started this company to redesign the way researchers think about working with patients - to appreciate their hardships and their needs.

    Our Values


    Gravity - Leapcure is a pursuit of improving the quality of life for many people. It's focal in our lives. Our contribution to advocacy extends beyond the workplace. The speed of our progress can be measured in healthy heartbeats. We don't take speed for granted. We persist and forge a way to move us forward through adversities.


    Difficult Truths - Tell us what you don't want to have to tell us. Do not be afraid of communicating failures. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ask for clarity. Only when we communicate challenges clearly, will necessary learnings happen.


    Trust - Recognize people have different backgrounds, life experiences, roles and perspectives. Be a facilitator of feedback and ideation. Build lasting chemistry with partners. Accept and adapt to realities to get the most out of the collective team.


    Appreciation - This is beyond just a job. It's a cause and a journey. It's also a living, growing experience. At times we all have to work on low complexity challenges that are outside of our personal comfort zones. Treat each with importance. Capitalize on the ability to move the business forward. Being outside of comfort zones is more than encouraged, it's required. Serve with relentless generosity and an eye for long-term impact.

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